Hotbox or Gym

Tuesday was pretty rough. I have class from 7:30 to 2:45 in the afternoon and it’s a really long day. Usually I come back after that and take a nap for about an hour or two, but I didn’t do that this time! Partially because I didn’t have time… but nonetheless I’m still proud that I made it. I really don’t have too much work due this week, but it’s one of those weeks where there’s just a lot to do. This is mainly because of HvZ, which will hopefully free up my schedule next week. I came home from classes today, worked on physics, ate dinner and then went to Humans Vs. Zombies at 8p.m. It was pretty fun, but fairly uneventful since there were a ton of humans and not very many zombies. I literally had to chase one of them down just to tag them because he was afraid of me. Loser. I ended up running for about 4 miles that night during the 2 hour mission, which was a pretty good amount of exercise, and I was also still sore form Monday. After we got back (Safely. Still Human.), a group of us tag teamed the physics assignment and finished off our workload for the night.

At that point, I was faced with the choice to go to hotbox with everyone, or go to the gym and do my Tuesday workout. I was absolutely exhausted and wasn’t really attracted to either idea. Instead, I decided that the running that I had done that night was equivalent to the running exercise I WAS going to do on Wednesday, so I could just switch the workout days, and be done for the day! Which sounded awesome. So I was just lame and went to bed. I slept like a damn rock.


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