Hotbox or Gym

Tuesday was pretty rough. I have class from 7:30 to 2:45 in the afternoon and it’s a really long day. Usually I come back after that and take a nap for about an hour or two, but I didn’t do that this time! Partially because I didn’t have time… but nonetheless I’m still proud that I made it. I really don’t have too much work due this week, but it’s one of those weeks where there’s just a lot to do. This is mainly because of HvZ, which will hopefully free up my schedule next week. I came home from classes today, worked on physics, ate dinner and then went to Humans Vs. Zombies at 8p.m. It was pretty fun, but fairly uneventful since there were a ton of humans and not very many zombies. I literally had to chase one of them down just to tag them because he was afraid of me. Loser. I ended up running for about 4 miles that night during the 2 hour mission, which was a pretty good amount of exercise, and I was also still sore form Monday. After we got back (Safely. Still Human.), a group of us tag teamed the physics assignment and finished off our workload for the night.

At that point, I was faced with the choice to go to hotbox with everyone, or go to the gym and do my Tuesday workout. I was absolutely exhausted and wasn’t really attracted to either idea. Instead, I decided that the running that I had done that night was equivalent to the running exercise I WAS going to do on Wednesday, so I could just switch the workout days, and be done for the day! Which sounded awesome. So I was just lame and went to bed. I slept like a damn rock.


Not a bad start. Shitty shakes.

So the first day started out pretty shitty. I had eaten something bad and ended up puking until about 1 a.m. Monday morning. Luckily Lucas came over and took care of me while working on his CS. The good part about that is once I finally got to sleep I got some awesome sleep, which unfortunately meant that I woke up a little later than I had wanted. This was bad because it was the busiest day I had had in a long while. Huge problem set and modeling milestone due for engineering that day, along with two chem assignments where I had no idea what was going on. On top of all that, I had to go to the gym and then do Humans Vs. Zombies that night. I ate a pretty hearty lunch, but I was pretty weary about eating still. Not that it stopped me from eating at all. After lunch I went back, slept some more and then finally got to do some work, but not very much still.

I ended up not doing much work so that I could meet Tucker at the gym, where he proceeded to not show up… I went ahead with the workout anyways like a good boy. I also made myself a protein shake full of hemp protein powder, vegetable supplement, and cacao powder. It tasted and smelled like straight dirt in water. It was absolutely awful. I couldn’t even finish it, and not because I felt sick. However, I did have a good amount of it during my workout which consisted of…

4 Rounds (decrease each set by 5 each time)

20 pushups

20 pull ups

20 wall balls

20 kettleball swings

20 weighted crunches

20 reverse crunches

20 russian twists

This was supposed to aim more for form and strength rather than speed and endurance, so the entire thing took about 50 minutes to complete. I was running a lot slower than I had thought I would, but I feel pretty good today. I’m excited to plan my exercises for tonight’s workout because I get to work with weights, which I haven’t done in a while.

The meals aspect hasn’t been too bad for me, except I want to eat more. Especially after working out. I know how much my body needs, and I’m definitely giving it enough substance, but I’m more conditioned to eating more than I should because of the dining courts. It’s going to take a lot of restraint to get myself back into good eating habits.

I ended up getting all of my homework done by 11:20 p.m. which was perfect for me to go to HvZ. I was a little worried because I was tired and the mission started at midnight, but they pretty much said all we had to do was get home safely. Which we did without any problem. Got to bed around 12:45 and got 6 hours of sleep, which is less than ideal but manageable. I also weighed in at 163 lb at the end of the day. Not a bad start.