Environment is Crucial

One of the main things I found while trying to do the Paleo diet, was that having the right surroundings are vital. If you don’t bring your lunch every day, and the only other places to eat are only serving various types of pasta for that day, you’re going to end up pretty hungry. Which is what was happening to me all to often. With managing girls tennis, riding my bike, going to the gym, and all of the other activities I do on a daily basis, I wasn’t getting nearly enough substance to sustain all of it. Also., it became really difficult when my parents stopped being a fan of this diet (which was a few days after I started) Which made it even more difficult. This diet really does not work unless you have a sustainable environment to have it in.

On the other part of the physical side, since tennis has started up again I’ve stopped doing my wednesday routine of push ups, pull ups, squats, and lunges since I have another form of cardio. Now I just have my regular workout that I do on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and have cardio every day during tennis (which I prefer). I accomplished one of my gym goals the other day, a planking pull up, and I am almost able to bench my own weight! I’ve found that going to the gym and pushing myself there has really helped build up a good sense of will power, that I’m proud to have. Now I feel like I can push through anything I need to do.

As things are starting to come to a close for this year, I have a much better idea of what all i need to do before the end of the year, which is also helping me to be less stressed. The more things I can check off of my to do list, the better I feel and the closer i come to graduating.

Update blog posting, check.