Getting in the groove

I can finally feel myself getting stronger and faster, without working so hard that I can’t move for the next few days. I’ve been doing a better job of getting things done when they ned to be done, but sometimes it’s hard when the work isn’t worthwhile at all. So, I’ve started rewarding myself with time studying things that I’m more interested in, after I finish the work i have to do. However, I have still been watching more tv than I would like to admit. It always seems like some well deserved down time, but reading a book can be a better use of down time. Now that i’ve got the workout aspect done (which I will upload in the near future), I need to focus more on the other aspects wellness and the other parts of physical, including diet and stretching.

I haven’t really had a strict enough diet these last few months. It’s hard when you have to coordinate with the rest of your family, and lunch at school isn’t really conducive to healthy eating. Plus, my parents aren’t really helpful when it comes to sticking to my diet. Whenever there is a dessert option, they say oh come on once in a while is okay. Every. Time. Then, if I still refuse, they’ll give me a hard time about it. So I think after spring break I’m going to switch strictly to the Paleo diet, just to see how it is, and if it’ll make me feel any better. While on this diet, I’ll take down data on my weight, blood pressure, activity, and see how it effects me. I’ll also look up some more information on what all it is supposed to do for the body.