Still Not Doing it For Me

So for the last few weeks I have been doing the calisthenics workout that I found, and it has gotten too easy. I can now do that entire workout in under twenty minutes, and I don’t feel tired at all afterwards. I have also lost 6 lb while doing this workout, which I didn’t know was possible, and it’s kind of worrisome. I’ve been eating more than enough, which means I wasn’t gaining any muscle, I was only improving my muscular endurance, which isn’t a bad thing! But it’s not enough on its own. So, I will do that exercise on Wednesday only, and develop a workout plan (that I will post later) for Mondays and Fridays that involve weights. That way I still have muscular endurance and speed, but at the same time, building muscle.
At the same time, I’m having trouble staying motivated. I don’t really have a goal that I am working towards at the moment, so I have no reason to keep eating right or only drinking water, or keep going to the gym. As of right now, it’s just something that I feel I have to do, but that’s not strong enough motivation to keep me going for the rest of the semester.
One thing that was good motivation came yesterday while playing on the playground. I was able to do the Spider-Man move (hanging upside down with your hands holding onto a rope and your feet at your hands) without swinging my body at all, and with little effort. I was also almost able to do a body up on a pull up bar, which is one thing I’ve been trying to do for a while. Still, I need more motivation.


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